Classic Prawn Cocktail – Vol Au Vent

Product Description

Classic Prawn Cocktail – Vol Au Vent

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  • Classic Prawn Cocktail – Vol Au Vent

Batch Production Sizes

30 pcs

Recipe Costing

Recipe costing can be found on google sheet on Shared Drive.


  • Prawn size – 30 – 40 Pcs 1kg
  • Onion 100gr
  • Celery stick 50gr
  • Carrot 100gr
  • Salt & pepper

For Cocktail Sauce

  • Mayonnaise 100gr
  • Tomato Ketchup 40gr
  • Chili ketchup 20gr
  • Horseradish sauce 15gr
  • Worcestershire sauce 5gr
  • Dill 5gr
  • Lemon juice 10ml

To Assemble Canape

  • Vol Au Vent 30 pcs
  • Baby romaine 100gr
  • Micro green Sorel 1 pack

Preparation – Vivre

  1. Preheat Water in Saucepan. Add Onion, carrot, celery as a mirepoix, salt and lemon skin ( Juice already taken )
  2. Poach the Prawn for about 3 – 4 minute ( not overcooked ). then clean the head and skin, leave the tail on.
  3. On the mixing bowl add sauce ingredient, mix together until well combined
  4. Layer vol au vent on the tray stuffing with slice baby romaine, pour cocktail sauce and place the prawn on top
  5. Garnished with sauce and micro green.

Storage Details

  • GN Pan
  • Label (insert hyperlink to the label to print to use)

Shelf Life

  • Chilled – 1 day