Chicken & Tarragon Sandwich

Product Description

Chicken & Tarragon Sandwich

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Not for sale as a wholesale bulk item to select customers on Vivre Gourmet

Used In Following Main Recipes

  • Chicken & Tarragon Sandwich

Batch Production Sizes

30 pcs

Recipe Costing

Recipe costing can be found on google sheet on Shared Drive.


  • White Toast 1loaf
  • Chicken Breast 2kg
  • Tomatoes 1kg
  • Japanese Cucumber 500gr
  • Green lettuce 100gr
  • Mayonnaise 80gr
  • Mustard 20gr
  • Tarragon 10gr
  • Bamboo skewer 15cm
  • Salt & pepper

Preparation – Vivre

  1. Clean and trims all fat from chicken breast, marinated chicken with mustard, sliced tarragon, salt & pepper. Let it rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Roast in the oven on 160*C temperature for about 15 minutes. When its cooked, slice chicken beast thinly, Set aside.
  3. Spread white toast with mayonnaise, Layer it with lettuce, Cucumber, sliced roasted chicken breast and tomatoes on top.
  4. Topped with bread and stick it it with skewer. Cut the sandwich into 4 pieces and it ready to serve.

Storage Details

  • GN Pan
  • Label (insert hyperlink to the label to print to use)

Shelf Life

  • Chilled – 1 day