Kacang Panjang Mekalas

Product Description

Indonesian traditional Kacang Panjang Mekalas

Sales Channel

Not for sale as a wholesale bulk item to select customers on Vivre Catering

Used In Following Main Recipes

Batch Production Sizes

  • 1kg

Recipe Costing

Recipe costing can be found on google sheet on Shared Drive.


  • Long Bean 900gr
  • Fried Shallot 25gr
  • Fried Garlic 25gr
  • Fried Chilly 15gr
  • Bumbu Kuning 100gr
  • Salt 35gr
  • Pepper 15gr
  • Coconut Milk 100gr

Preparation – Vivre

  1. Blanch long bean, cool down in ice water.
  2. Split apart the long bean in the middle then set aside.
  3. Heat up bumbu kuning then seasoned with salt and pepper
  4. add coconut milk the let it cold down.
  5. In a bowl mixed all ingredient together then seasoned with salt and pepper
  6. Arrange on the plate then garnish with chilly and fried shallot

Storage Details

  • Plastic container or vacuum bag
  • Label (insert hyperlink to the label to print to use)

Shelf Life

  • Chilled – 3 day


Keep the sauce and the fish separated when storing